Why use hydrogen as a fuel source| Toyota

Hydrogen made with renewable energy is completely carbon-free. And when you turn it into electricity, the only emission is water. It's also easy to store and transport, allowing us to use renewable energy sources to their full potential. Plus, hydrogen is literally everywhere, which makes it an exciting source of power too.

No CO2 emissions

Making electricity from hydrogen doesn't produce any carbon dioxide. By using renewable energy to separate the hydrogen, the entire process is completely emission-free. Which makes this an ideal form of green energy - so we can all breathe a little easier.

An unlimited supply

Hydrogen can be extracted from a wide range of substances. including oil, gas, biofuels, sewage sludge and water - and our planet has lots of water. So we're never going to run out of hydrogen, which means energy security for everyone and peace of mind for our grandchildren.

Easy to store and transport

Electricity can be difficult to store and convey over long distances, but by using electricity to extract hydrogen, both storage and transport become simple. This method sees renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power - which are often dependent on the time of year or their location - used in a much more efficient way.

Locally produced - benefiting our next generation

A major advantage of hydrogen is that it provides an energy infrastructure that can be locally produced, meaning countries can power themselves independently without having to rely on external energy suppliers. This means that our children will be able to enjoy energy security - for generations to come.